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We have created a unique process in which every single detail, from your first call, all the way through your final outcome, was inspired by Dr. Clavijo’s ideal of being treated as if you were our family member.

We do it, by bringing a comprehensive approach that involves novel Non invasive techniques in combination with and artistic approach to achieve natural looking results.

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OUR PHILOSOPHY: Devotion to your Care

At ReNova Medical Spa, we believe in giving a fresh start to your current life, by reviving, and revitalizing who you are.

Considering medical spa services in Pittsburgh? Call 412-638-2391 or Email us to schedule your consultation today.

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Please note: some images used on this site are of models and not actual patients.

Pittsburgh Medical Spa

ReNova Medical Spa

Dr. Clavijo Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

Pittsburgh MediSPA

Dr. Clavijo’s diverse background in Cosmetic treatments brings unique innovation to Pittsburgh Medical Spa. Pittsburgh Medical Spa is a branch from ReNova Plastic surgery. The concept was to create a place were cutting edge Non invasive procedures could be offered to our rapidly growing patients and friends. Pittsburgh Medical Spa offers many different medical spa procedures or services, including injectables such as  Botox, and fillers; Lasers including skin rejuvenation, hair removal, pigment removal and spider veins and Non-invasive fat reduction (Sculpsure) and much more.

After studying in Spain, Dr. Clavijo performed research at Harvard University and completed his Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery education right here in Pittsburgh at the University of Pittsburgh, one of the top three programs in the U.S.

ReNova and Dr. Clavijo have set themselves apart in the cosmetic surgery industry by excelling at patient care. Client satisfaction and feedback is so positive that ReNova has been able to clearly distinguish themselves among other medical spas.